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Personalized Pro Stock Ash Champ Wood Baseball Bat for Sale Model 271

Personalized Pro Stock Ash
Champ Wood Baseball Bat Model 271

Here at CHAMP BATS™ we strive to build the best bats anywhere. We are currently or have been players ourselves and have a 5,000 square foot indoor training facility, having given over 11,000 lessons to over 550 players ranging from age five to the professional ranks since 2006.

At CHAMP BATS™, you get sixteen different models of wood bats to choose from, in different lengths and weights in a wide array of color combinations. You can buy pro stock adult baseball bats, youth baseball bats, little league baseball bats, fungo bats and trophy bats.

You can choose between Ash, Maple and Birch wood bats. Our Ash bats are made of Northern White Ash imported from Pennsylvania and Upstate New York. For our Maple bats we use Rock Maple or Sugar Maple from the same region, and Canadian Yellow Birch for the Birch Bats. We use only Pro Stock Wood which is the best wood you can get. We don’t even offer a B grade bat. Our finish is the hardest and best looking you will find anywhere.

Quite simply at CHAMP BATS™ you’ll find we strive for perfection in every single bat we make. So try one today and “Hit Like a Champ, Right Off The Bat” with your new CHAMP BAT™!!

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Wyatt Champlin